Simple. Amazingly informative. Entertaining.

A live learning workshop that’s structured to actually get results.

These are phrases our past attendees use to tell their friends about our exclusive seminars.

But that’s not the whole story here. Let me explain.

I Hate Lectures

Let’s face it – the typical professor is about as exciting as my worn out gym socks. Drudging on and on about things that may or may not be on the exam.

Ever feel like you’d rather give yourself a root canal than sit through all these boring classes all semester?

Ya, me too. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying “don’t go to class” – that’s not exactly a smart academic path to success. BUT, if you’re the type of person that feels hopeless during in-class lectures … or just utterly frustrated and lost … oh man, do I have something for you.

Connecting the Disconnected

Countless students are always telling me how their exams are so ridiculously “disconnected” from the in-class learning. It’s like there’s an imaginary gap between the two worlds.

They teach you in one format … and then suddenly everything just goes out the freaking window when the exams are constructed. And the order of information is just plain confusing most of the time. It’s like – “Do they even WANT me to pass????”

Enter David’s One Day Seminar of Wonder

With my seminar, I share information on all topics in one day. With this approach you will see in real-time how it all flows together.

Students receive a completely free BONUS study guide and exam practice question booklet that does wonders to further their knowledge.

Students soak up all of the topics and STILL have a week left over to relearn, study them, and get ready for the exam!

My English? Plain-spoken. Even if you’re new to Canada you will understand what I’m saying – I guarantee it.

Get on board with me right now to not only avoid massive stress, but conquer all the topics you need in order to do well on the exam.

Course List:
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Introduction to Thermo Chemistry

Upcoming Seminars in Winnipeg:


Financial accounting                                     Free and available now –>

Managerial Accounting                                 None this semester

Corporate Finance                                           Free and available now

Chemistry (thermo chem 131X)                 None this semester

Chemistry (chem 13XX)                               Free and available now –>

Email me for location for all seminars.

If you have the Blue study guide already it the seminar costs $40.  If you don’t have a guide, one will be provided to you and the seminar + guide will cost a total of $80.  Please arrive 20 min early to secure your spot and make sure to email me so i have enough materials for everyone.  Make sure to have the newest edition.  If you bring an old edition it costs $50 to attend the seminar.

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